Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cast Away!!

I earned myself a spot in the cast room somewhere during the 3rd week of the term and was introduced to a handful of new materials.  It's goodbye to the bargues... for now. ;p 

The process of drawing from a cast is similar to that of working on a bargue, and yet different. Firstly, there's a lot of walking up and down involved. Secondly, no strings for measuring are involved, just a razor-edged set of eyes which will sharpened even more during the process. Thirdly, we use the sight-size method meaning the size of the cast is exactly the same as what you see on paper. And lastly, we use expensive paper. :)

Check out the finished artwork and a soon to be released video clip here.
But for now, I'm getting ready to move onward to the next cast.

Nitram charcoals 

After tracing the contours, a one-tone 'black' is filled in. 

Working on the finishing touches of David

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