Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Behind the art - Becky's Arm

This is the final cast I studied on before moving to the still-life series.  For this project, I added drapery and a chain for that extra bit of challenge that will aid in the understanding while working on my future still-life projects. 4 weeks were spent on the project with the 1st two weeks doing it up to first painting stage and the last two weeks on 2nd painting. 

 Gesture of the arm is sketched out using raw umber on a grey value #3 campitura.

  Once the big shapes are down, details are added onto the canvas.

  Dead colouring or graphic colouring is up next. Cadmium Red and Alizarin Crimson are introduced to my limited palette of black, white, raw umber and cadmium orange (Old Holland).

Big form modelling is applied to the arm and drapery.

 1st painting adds rough basic planes to sub-divide the big form modelling but at the same time maintaining it. Hints of the chain is also also suggested.

Finally, every single muscle of the arm is being brought to a fine finish in 2nd painting where the sub forms are further broken into sub-sub forms. Background drapery is tidied up giving the piece a high finished look. 

- fin -  


  1. Woow i hope some day paint like you

    1. Thank you, Cesar. I learn from the old masters. Keep working hard.