Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Figures en grisaille

And so the term ends concluding my 5th trimester leading into this winter break...

The big concepts are slowly sinking in. At this rate, I'm guessing it'll take me another 8 more years for it to be driven deep into the fibres of my being; until I know it inside out. But that's what learning is all about. Yes, slow is good; and we all know that to be a maestro or virtuoso of any field takes an incredible amount of discipline and time.

One big lesson that took me all these months for it to finally "click" is simple the use of the biggest, fattest brush I have. It may sounds like a small issue for some, but for me, it was a big light bulb that I will light for the rest of life. :) 

The eureka moment for me took days to happen; and it occurred during my live model studies in grisaille. Using small brushes accounted for all my chicken scratches in the painting. But the minute I switched to a larger brush...VoilĂ ! The magic happens! Even at 2nd painting stage the big brush took care of all my needs in an instant. Also, using the softer mongoose brushes assisted in the smooth finishings that were required.  It's so important to be able to use the best tools available.

Here are the 2 figures not oiled in just yet: 

70cm x 50cm
Figure in grisaille with a warm tone background

80cm x 40cm
Full Grisaille

(Both pieces will be exhibited at my coming show in Singapore.)

"Always use the largest brush. Pick a brush, now use one that is twice the size."
-  Singer Sargent

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