Monday, August 3, 2015

La Natura Morta (The Still Life)

Ciao from Florence!! I realised I haven't been painting any Italian themed still life pieces, so here are three small studies of what I see a lot of around me.  I was told that you see more reds growing during the summers than any other time of the year. And since we're in the season, I should take the opportunity to paint what's typical of the summers here -  your orangey reds.  I must point out that watermelons are this summer's favourite for me.

Some of these paintings have a demo video link attached to them. So enjoy the not so still life clips while it's still free!! :) 

Oil on Wood
20cm x 30cm

Pomodoro e Aglio
(Tomato & Garlic)
Oil on Canvas board
15cm x 20cm

Macina Cafe
(The Coffee Grinder)
Oil on Canvas board
20cm x 30cm


These original paintings are up for grabs. so message me if you are interested.

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