Sunday, September 27, 2015

We Are Not Amused (part 2)

This is George, the handsome British Short fur I spent some time with.
It was a bit tricky painting him. You'll see why, here's a video of the portrait session.

By London's standards, this was a great day to paint Big Ben from South Bank.

This is the probably most dangerous street I passed by - Abbey Road right off Abbey Studios. 
The tourists there just want to get that Beatles Zebra Crossing pose!

Opposite the National Portrait Gallery at Pret A Manger sketching while it's drizzling outside. 
On now is the BP 2015 Awards Show.

I got another private session at The National Gallery. This time, I'm in room 23 with Rembrandt. 

 See me sketch live at Trafalgar Square! :)

If I'm not in the tube sketching, I'll be on the double decker buses catching the sights.

Picked up my new cards at Box Park in Shoreditch.
If you would like to have these and happen to be in Singapore.
Here's a link to a group show that I'm currently in to pick them up.

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