Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Balinese Retreat

I was in Bali at the end of 2016 to work on some projects. More news on them in due time. It was also an opportunity for me to reflect what I did in 2016 and what I was going to do for 2017.  I had a great time being away from skyscrapers and smart phones. :)  I was surrounded by turquoise seas, paddy fields, great food, and warm friendly faces. 

I kicked off the end of the journey with a 31-day and into the new year with the #stradaeasel challenge. It's a challenge to get painters in the habit of painting from life daily for 31 days in the month of January. The story behind this is interesting.  While in Bali, my Soltek easel's tripod gave way. I couldn't prop it up anywhere unless I find a flat surface at hip level (like a table) to place it on. 

At the very last hours on New Year's Eve, a friend from L.A. told me about the Strada Challenge. It was just hours before the registration closed.  Having wifi at that moment, I entered myself to be a participant.  I will want to post throughout all 31 days and hopefully win myself a brand new easel to replace the former one that broke.  It's going to be tough with other painting projects and many other great painters from around the world.  So, here goes! 

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But for now, I leave you to the highlights of my trip. 
A Happy New 2017 to everyone! Thank you for following my posts online. 

Wake Up Juice in the mornings to greet me

Cabana at Alila Manggis

Ice Cappuccino from the Revolver Cafe

There were these ladies who were transporting rocks on their heads from one point 
of the beach to another, and were doing this to provide a secondary income for their families. 

Cappuccino with fresh coconut milk at the Sea Circus
(served in a coconut husk) 

Great December waves to cheer me on during my morning workout
(My easel tripod broke, so I have to prop it on a table to paint.)

Gateway to Petitegnet Beach

Paddy Field at Sardine #stradaeasel

Helpful staff assisting with my make shift easel stand while painting this traditional Balinese doorway

Inspired by the beautiful food I find in Bali, I create still lifes to help me remember.

–  end  –

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