Monday, March 6, 2017

How to make a simple 360 panorama image on FB

I posted a 360 degree sketch of my sketches from Cafe Asia 2017 on my Facebook art page last week (click here to view 360 image), and got some requests to share how it was done. This is what you do if you want the quick and dirty method, without all the backend programming involved.

What you will need to create one of these:
A) Photoshop,
B) a really long sketch (I stitched seven A4 sketches),
and C) Download the template by clicking this.

1. Open your panoramic sketch on a jpeg file.

2. Open the above mentioned link "360template.jpg".

3. Place your panoramic sketch in the 360template.jpg file.

4. Make sure it's centred, then flatten the file. 

5.  Hit "Save" (not "Save As").

6. Drop image in Facebook and it will automatically detect that the file is a 360 pano image.

VoilĂ ! 

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