Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Something to bargue about

Sue is working on a level 3 barge, and I, a level 2. I had this photo taken as there aren't many horse bargues lying around, and not everyday do you get to see to brgue horses side by side.  Yeeee Hawww!  This is work in progress as I continue to grasp the concept of Big Form Modelling.

I had a long day.  I missed the entire morning of figure drawing as I had my appointment with the police regarding my stay and the parterre concerning my residency.  I got to school around 1.30pm, just in time for a quick lunch and then my bargue session. When I was done at 5.15pm, I got some cappuccino and went back for my surface anatomy class which I had to cut short because of another extra class I take with Jason Arkles. That ended at 9.01pm today. Yes, a long one. But my point for this post is to tell everyone that after 5.5 weeks here, I am a resident of Florence. :)  So surreal!

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