Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All About Bargue 2

I'm nearing the end of my 2nd bargue. I've worked out a simple method to know when I'm done. It's as easy as when I think I'm done, add 2 more weeks. Because I thought I was going to be done last week, I should finish it this week of early next. Strange, but it's true.

The buzz word these few weeks has been "SUBTLE". The bargues are painful to do, but they really sharpen the eyes good! I'm noticing gradually improvements in my other classes/ projects too. All because of the Bargues... and maybe homework.

Back to the drawing board!

Here's plotting out all the major points at the initial stage using a string to measure. This one took forever!

This is neat.  Schoolmate Sue is working on her level 3 Bargue. Incidentally, we are both doing horses.

After all the darks were put in, I started on the big form modeling. As the name implies, I only focus on the volumes of the big shapes. 

This is me working on the bargue on a rainy Saturday afternoon. 

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