Monday, January 19, 2015

5-day Art Challenge - Day 5

Day 5 of the Facebook 5-Day Art Challenge

Participants who are nominated are to post 3 pieces of art for 5 days; and may nominate another artist to take up the challenge. And don't forget to post the name of the artist that nominated you. 

Nominated by: 
Dawn Lo, Lim Han Seng and Vicki Sullivan

I nominate:

I had a fun 5 days sharing my art. Thank you for following my work and stay tuned for more to come...  


Ink + Jump Expresso, 50cm x 70cm - sold

(Available in A4 prints)

This sketch is found inside Ciao Firenze! a published sketch journal created here in the city of Florence.

Clock Tower, St Jean Pied du Port

pencil + watercolour, 35.5cm x 28cm - sold

This sketch is inside Thirty Days on the Camino, my first published sketch book documenting my trek on the Camino de Santiago. (Currently sold out, 2nd edition out this summer.)

I worked on a project with one of Florence's finest restaurants, il Santo Bevitore. 


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