Sunday, August 14, 2016

Repin Academy, St Petersburg (Part 1)

I was grateful to have participated in a summer workshop conducted at the Repin Academy (also known as the Imperial Arts Academy) in Saint Petersburg. This public academy not only teaches painting, but Design and Architecture too. The journey there was a fairly long one and was glad that my easel and other art materials made it there in one piece.

In the 4 week programme, we worked on:
1) a Portrait in Graphite
2) a Portrait in Oils
3) a Full Figure in Graphite
and a Full Figure in Oils

Including that were 2 lectures by Professor and Head of the Drawing Department, Vladimir Mogilevtstev, 2 museum field trips (Russian State and the Hermitage), and a trip to the Peterhof Winter Palace. 

Here are some of the highlights in pictures:

One of the few exhibition halls they have in the Academy showcasing current students' works

Quick colour study sketch of a full figure painting I did

With Professor Mogilevtsev, author of the Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting books.
For those interested:

Fundamentals of Drawing

We we allowed to visit special rooms in the academy. One of them is the Anatomy Lab.
So Harry Potter! :)

Busy studying a portrait with graphite

During the model breaks, I would be sketching class scenes

My classroom is 5 storeys up. Here's a look at my lunch break on a typical day.