Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another kind of Art

Some of my friends wonder what I have been eating here in Florence. This post will answer just that. I enjoy cooking. I feel it's therapeutic, and it keeps me away from my work, which is necessary from time to time. I also feel it helps me understand and makes me more confident in my art too especially in the area of balancing.  Be it colour, line width, shadow shapes... the food I cook inspires the art, and the art I do inspires the food. My housemates also cook, so we do a lot of sharing and learning. What a deal!!  Here are some of my creations:

So I finally got to make pulpo - a popular dish from north western Spain in Galicia.

This is what the final dish looks like with potatoes.

I'm also learning how to prepare food Tuscan style.  Here I use Salvia leaves to add to the flavouring of my Ravioli.  

And of course, I still prepare the spicy stuff from South East Asia.


  1. Alvin, e need to get together and cook! this looks fantastic :)

    1. Yea Evanny, and you can show me what you know too! ;D