Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Got ID?

I've just passed the 10 week mark here in Italy and it's been great so far. In between classes, there were a lot of administrative work to be done living here in Italy.  Everything for getting my permit to stay to getting my fiscal code... But I think I have pretty much everything, until the next renewal. I'm almost Italian!!!

The Permesso di Soggiono is the most important to obtain for long term stay. I'll share an overview of this complicated procedure for those who need to know the full process and have clue how to go about it.

1. You will need:
- An application form
- Passport
- Visa on passport
- Letter of acceptance from school or place of work
- Italian Revenue Stamp €14.62 (Marca da Bollo - specifically for the Permesso di Soggiorgno) which can be purchased from the local Tabbachi and some bars.
More here:

2. Go to the Sportello at VIA PIETRAPIANA 53 to pay up (next door at the Italiane Poste with all your documents. It cost about 100.  You will receive a kit, receipt and more instructions.

3. An appointment with a specific timing will be made about one month later at the Questura (Police Station) at Via della Fortezza 17.  Here you will need:
- Bring the Receipt and Kit you got from 2
- 3 passport-size photographs
- All your fingers for scanning

4. About 2 weeks to 4 weeks later, you will return to this same Questura to pick up your Permesso di Soggiorno. Be prepared to wait in line. Bring every single document you have just in case.

5. Finally, you will be invited to watch a 5 hour video presentation on living in Italy (1hr x 5 clips) which will cover everything from point 1 - 4 and lots more. :)

(Clock-wise from bottom left: Permesso di Soggiorno, Codice Fiscale and my Identity Card.
Yes, I can vote now! :) 

So why am I not smiling? I didn't bring 3 photographs and had to scout for a "nearby"instant photo shop. At the point when the lady took the photo, she told me not to smile.  If you were bored reading all of this, imagine what I had to go through. :p

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