Friday, June 21, 2013

It's like Magic!

The final 2-week live model Anatomy Study for term one

One of the most interesting BIG CONCEPTS I learnt at school last term is about creating illusions! I never thought I would ever hear that word again - Illusion.  It's amazing that I get to do it now with my Art turning graphite on a 2D plane into a 3-dimensional object.  I can also imagine myself performing a show each time I finish every piece of art work.  Looking forward to pushing this form of Art as far as I can go.

Here's some background to why I get so excited about the word illusion... simply because I love magic! Specifically the art of entertaining people using deceptive means... (hahaha!) Books on magic, movies about magic, street performances, stage show with a live-audience... All you need is pure slight of hand and a little dash of misdirection... I love the idea of being able to take someone and suspend them in disbelief, taking them out of their daily hum drum. And especially to kids as they are still at an age where they believe that anything can happen. We all need this sense of awe and wonderment every now and then.

Given a choice, I would watch a magic show rather than a game of football or a popular sit-com. Clearly it's an art where only few would appreciate. Here's an old video I produced once upon a time when I was a young lad given some off time during work to create this after office hours at the parking lot just to amuse some of my colleagues.  On another note, NOW YOU SEE ME, is now playing at the Odeon in original sound. Perfect timing! :)
(It's not an option for me to embed the video here, so you have to go there directly with this link.)

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