Thursday, December 3, 2015

Making a Cola Pen

I went for a workshop conducted by Urban Sketcher Ignatius Yeo yesterday. He taught the art of making and using a cola pen. The cola pen or pop-can pen has been around for ages. Most users are calligraphers who make beautiful typography with it. Google it and you will find countless of artists' work online. If you are a sketcher and are interested in a new tool, you might have found yourself a new toy to make and use! Only time will tell if this new tool can be integrated into my repertoire.

A short clip of how the cola pen is applied on paper.

Here are the list of items you need to make these cola pen:

Sand down one side of the aluminium sheet. This creates a 'grip' and allows better ink flow.

Fold the aluminium sheet in half and flatten it with the mallet. 
Place a credit card in between the fold to create a gap. 

Cut the aluminium sheet using the template. 

Remember also to sand down the sharp edges. 

Cut a little strip at the bottom point of the pen head. 
This will allow a neat alignment to the ice creme stick. 

 Finally, it's all coming together.

Secure the head to the body.

Get some Chinese ink going and have fun! 

If you are interested to know about this pen or attend a workshop making and using it, contact Ignatius at