Sunday, September 27, 2015

We Are Not Amused (part 2)

This is George, the handsome British Short fur I spent some time with.
It was a bit tricky painting him. You'll see why, here's a video of the portrait session.

By London's standards, this was a great day to paint Big Ben from South Bank.

This is the probably most dangerous street I passed by - Abbey Road right off Abbey Studios. 
The tourists there just want to get that Beatles Zebra Crossing pose!

Opposite the National Portrait Gallery at Pret A Manger sketching while it's drizzling outside. 
On now is the BP 2015 Awards Show.

I got another private session at The National Gallery. This time, I'm in room 23 with Rembrandt. 

 See me sketch live at Trafalgar Square! :)

If I'm not in the tube sketching, I'll be on the double decker buses catching the sights.

Picked up my new cards at Box Park in Shoreditch.
If you would like to have these and happen to be in Singapore.
Here's a link to a group show that I'm currently in to pick them up.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

We Are Not Amused (part 1)

I spent 2 weeks of summer in the United Kingdom. My primary task there was to cat sit a friend's feline.  But in between feeding George, cleaning his poop and giving him some love, I get to explore London! Here are the highlights from the short getaway I did. 

Police on patrol at Camden Lock

Strolling down the enchanting pathway along the canal around the Camden Lock area.

Spent the morning at Parliament Square painting this. I'm definitely enjoying all this space in the city. 

Yes, the weather has its moments. When it rains, everyone rushes into a museum. :) 
This one is the Natural History Museum. Many of the big museums are free to enter. That is indeed amazing!! 

This sketch is from the main entrance of the Natural History Museum. Did you know that the stegosaur is a vegetarian? 

Dropped by the Kenwood House at Hampstead Heath. My former schoolmate (a local Londoner) and I were surprised to see so many good painting on display here. Check out the cost of Gainsborough's works in the late 1800's. Yup! In sterling pounds.

I went to the London Zoo. Tip: Purchase the ticket online, it's cheaper that way. This is inside the butterfly "garden". While photographing them, a few settled comfortably on me. Here's one of them. 

This was my first sketch at the zoo

I'm glad there are so many Indian eat-outs. I had it almost everyday. Even when buying groceries, it was my first choice. The Southern Indian restaurant above is Saravanaa Bhavan at Ilford. I met a schoolmate's family there. 

To see more sketches, go here:

Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's finally live!! My official art website is online! If you have not seen it, click here to view it:

For those of you who want a behind the scenes of what to expect on the site, 
I will give a breakdown of the navigation on this blog post.  

This is the HOME page. You can arrive on this landing page from many sources like a QR code or a link from the internet. You will be introduced to my logo right at the top where the texture will change from time to time.  The animated gif, too, that takes centre stage will be replaced with new images every now and then.  This home page will evolve eventually, I may insert important news bites or things like a running ticker at the bottom. So keep checking.  And of course I have the navigation part. The other 5 categories are ABOUT, GALLERY, SHOP, BLOG [you're looking at it now :) ] and CONNECT. 

This page tells you about my journey from Graphic Design to Painter and all the juicy bits in between.  This could also double up as a Media Kit and resume.  Some photos are also added to show snippets of my journey.  

This page is why this website was built in the first place - to showcase my work.  It is broken down into 7 categories: Anatomy Studies, Plein Air, Portraiture, Still Life, Academic Work, Illustration, and Commission. Clicking on each image you will take you to a sub-page within the gallery to view individual works. 

Here's an example of what you might find inside (for example) the STILL LIFE sub category.

The next page is my SHOP. Here is where you can buy original work, high quality prints (from Society 6), books or the tutorials I have made. Every cent you spend on this page supports my journey as an artist: Studio bills, model fees, art materials, upgrading skills, exhibitions, brain food, etc.  

This last page is where you contact me and make enquiries should you be interested in buying my art or hiring me as an artist.  You can also find links to follow me wherever you can on the various social media sites.