Friday, October 11, 2019

Art in the Open 2019 Wexford, Ireland

I arrived late into the programme this year, right after my first Urban Sketching Symposium in Amsterdam. It's my 4th Art in the Open. So many of the artists from here are not just my friends, but have also become my family. :)  They have guided me over the years when it comes to art and some fo them really want me to succeed... I am filled with gratefulness.

I've also become the resident vlogger in this annual event here in Wexford, so be sure to click on the various links listed below.

Art in the Open Part 1
So day 2 became my first day at Wells House. A whole load of farm animals to paint here including cows while at it in their mating rituals. Day 3 at Graiguenamanagh was hard to pronounce but my hosts patiently taught me how to say it. (Greg-nah-meh-nah.) Also, first time painting at Tintern Abbey in Day 4. 

Art in the Open Part 2
Day 5 at Ballymore House. Day 6 at the QuickDraw. Be sure to check out who won :) The video ends with the exhibition at Green Acres and Gala Dinner at the Riverbank Hotel. 

How to Make Strawberry Jam

Featured Artist: Paul Maloney

Castlebridge Annual Show

Flying Tiger Shop (Wexford)

Product Review: Fiat Hymer Swing 494 Trailer

Product Test: Michael Harding Oil Paints

Featured Artist: Sheila MacNally

Friday, June 7, 2019

ARTIVIVE APP downloading Instructions

(Download instructions for more from Alvin Mark)

Hi! Thank you for purchasing my product. 
Let's take another step to create some magic together.
Before the magic happens, you need to
download the ARTIVIVE APP on your smartphone
or other device that allows you to read QR codes. 

For Apple OS users, click: 

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Once you have downloaded the app, 
scan the image on the product you have, 
and voila! 

Social Media Links

Welcome to my blog!  This page is dedicated to the ever growing links of my social media world. This is where most of my online links are. It's me trying to reach out to the planet as far as I can.

F O L L O W   A L V I N

👨🏾‍🎨 W E B S I T E
Everything is found here. My portfolio, my travel and workshop schedules, links and more.


🎥 V L O G S
I make art demo videos under 3 broad categories: Sketching Singapore, Travel Sketch and Product Reviews. 

📱 F I R E W O R K   A P P
30 second time lapse demos

D A I L Y    A R T

🖌 I N S T A G R A M (oil paintings)
New paintings every other day

✒️ I N S T A G R A M (inks and watercolours)
New sketches daily

🎨 F A C E B O O K   A R T
If you'd like see a mix of my oil paintings and ink sketches

📍 P I N T R E S T
My old works

🐦 T W I T T E R
If you only like to see words, my art is here too


💻 B L O G
You are here :) Demos, information, reviews and recap 

🎒 M Y  G E A R
If you are interested in what I carry with me when I sketch, paint and blog, it's here.

S U P P O R T    A L V I N

💰 P A T R E O N
Here is where you can throw in some coins monthly (or a one off) to unlock more demos or tutorials not found anywhere else. A little each month gets me going places.

🍎 G U M R O A D
Buy my tutorials and digital books

✂️ S O C I E T Y   S I X
More merch with various products here

☕️  B U Y   M E   C O F F E E
A cuppa reminds me to rest every once in awhile

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