Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sketching on the Move instructional map

I have a new product out! It's an instructional guide to sketching while commuting.

The art I do requires a lot of travel. Most of my journeys take about half an hour, some may last over a day if I am travelling overseas. And because I spend so many hours in a week travelling, I have included sketching while on the go as part of my travelling repertoire. Whether I am on a local bus, or train, taxi or plane, I always keep a sketchbook close at hand, to keep practicing wherever I am.

For those who are interested in picking up sketching while commuting, here’s an instructional map that I have put together. Inside the map is a heap of information regarding sketching on the move. The guide covers the how, why and where of sketching while on the go. There is also a whole section on sketching the human figure, since sketching scenes on your daily commute will definitely have people in them. Like always, I have embedded QR codes within the map for you to scan with a smart device to help you go in-depth when discussing a certain topic.  Lastly, there will be a section where I will show you common places to sketch at, and tips and tricks on how you would make yourself comfortable while at it. 

(front and back covers of the unopened map)

I decided to design this instructional in a map format because the one thing I think about when the words travel and information come together is a directional map.  Also, this format helps keep the cost of shipping to a minimal. 

Click the link below to get yourself and maybe a friend a copy: 

Each copy retails at SGD$11.00 (approx. USD8.00, €7.30 or £6.20)
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Notes on shipping:
• For orders shipped within Singapore, it’s SGD$1 extra.

• For orders to be shipped out to the rest of the world, it’s SGD$3.50 extra.

• Shipping takes place every Tuesday of the week. Currently on a project out of town. Shipping resumes on 3rd March 2020. If you need one sent urgently, let me know. 

Thank you for supporting my work! This keeps me going as an independent artist.

Kim Hoerster's drawing workshop in San Miguel de Allende Mexico
incorporating the Sketching On The Move maps. Images courtesy of Kim.

Kim's review:
"They enjoyed the maps very much. We walked through every step of the gesture together and they practiced using the drawings inside your map finding eight lines."

Kim Hoerster is an artist and instructor from Texas, USA, and manages Arts Lessons & Studio. 
Check out her website for upcoming workshops. -->
Also, look her up on Facebook at: Arts Lessons & Studio