Monday, March 18, 2013

Pearl of the Orient - Buildings

The architecture of Penang reflects the 171 years of British presence on the island, coalescing with local,ChineseIndianIslamic and other elements to create a unique and distinctive brand of architecture. Along withMalacca, Penang is an architectural gem of Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

– Wikipedia
A very quiet street on a Sunday afternoon. The one and only Indian mini mart at Lebuh Malayu is the only shop that is open.  Just when i have finished the sketch around 4pm, it closes.

Makan Ban Leong Ean at Armenean Street.  For a moment, a warm gentle breeze blew, and leaves began falling off from the surrounding trees and I thought to myself "Autumn in Penang"!

The white-washed George Town World Heritage Inc at Carnarvon Street. Most of the buildings in the vicinity were built before modern conveniences like air-conditioning, and since white colour reflects the sun and keeps the buildings cool, they were painted white.

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