Sunday, May 12, 2013

I run man

I decided to treat myself to a movie yesterday after a make-up class at school. The only movie screening was Iron Man 3 at Odeon.  Hey, I'm not complaining. :)  When I was at the ticketing booth, the lady at the counter said to me, "3 Euros." And I saw a sign that said all movies at 3Euros until May 19.  It's the film festival here in Florence. Days like these, it make you so sure that you're suppose to be at a certain place  at a certain time. 

While waiting for the movie to begin, I saw a Twizy...

This is inside the cinema at Odeon.  Next time I come here, I make sure I come earlier so I can sketch it.  It's part of Palazzo dello Strozzino was built in 1922. This cinema brings me back to a once upon a time where noise is echoed because of the acoustics hitting the dome at the top of main hall. Also at half time, the movie goes into a transmission for about 10 minutes for the changeover to take place behind where the two-reel projector is. Nostalgically cool!!! :D

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