Sunday, July 28, 2013

Figuring it out

Two weeks came and went.  It was premature, but I got my hands dirty in the art of painting with a live model. New paints, new brushes, new mediums, and of course, a new canvas. We started from scratch. Drawing with a pencil, and then sketching using the dry brush method.  Next, a grisaille (which means a painting done in shades of grey), and finally moving on to painting in colours.  Boy was it intense! But very, very fruitful for me to be able to see the entire process of what I will be learning in the next few years. What's great is that I know what to focus on for my foundational year and I will be looking at the bargues from a different point of view, leaving me less frustrated. :) 

Can't wait to get back to the bargues again this Fall. Looking forward, ahead and beyond!

Grisaille piece of Rebeca.

This quick exercise is known as Planet Saturn. :) 

Dry brush sketch of Cadavid.

 Here's doing the big form modelling of the figure. 

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