Sunday, October 27, 2013

All About Bargue (finale)

And so I'm finally done with the mandatory bargues and have moved on to greener pastures. (Pause) Nah, I'm pretty sure I'll be doing more of these on my own.  They have been really helpful. I'm beginning to see the subtlety in the things around me and being more meticulous in precision. But of course, it's a little step I make on this very long road.  The bargues slowed me down a lot, and rewired a lot of my thought process. And I'm glad I it did. Sharper. Clearer. More focused. I'm ready for the next set of training in charcoal and very expensive paper. :)

Next stop: The Cast Room. See you there! 

Here I am doing the finishing touches of the last bargue.

Bad picture. I know. I'm beginning to appreciate a lot the beauty of original art. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Francis. A painful but rewarding process.

  2. Wow! you 've come a long way since your first bargue.

    1. Thanks, Chit Seng. Will show you the original when you drop by!