Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Videos Out!!

Recently, I did a project with il Santo Bevitore for their menu covers and I took the opportunity to record the sketch process inside the kitchen. I've had numerous requests on how I sketch moving objects, specifically people, so I did I tutorial on it too.  The paid tutorial will be for those who are interested in the technicality of sketching in such a situation and will be downloadable. The free time-lapse of the sketch process will be available as a streaming only video. 

downloadable (€2)
7 min video

streaming only (free) 
7 min video

Instructions for those using Gum Road for the first time:
(The time-lapse clip is free for now, so check it out!!)

1. Click on "I Want This"

2. Enter "0" for € is unless you feel compelled to support the artist. 

3. And then key in your email address.
(You should immediately see a "play" button.)

If you know of friends that might enjoy this, please forward them this link. Thank you!!  :)

 Other videos can be found on my account on Gum Road.

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