Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Natural Realism – That's a wrap!

My working trip back to Singapore came and went in a flash! My 3-week stay including a short Christmas break to see my family in Perth whizzed by before you can even say Merry Christmas! 

One thing stood out very clearly and that was the love that was showered over me to make my stay a pleasant one. Because of that, despite the little sleep I had, it kept me going until the last day of the show.  Everyone had great reviews, and I sold quite a number of pieces that will see me through the rest of the programme at Angel Academy.  The books were a hit too! It sold like hotcakes despite not being there physically on the first 2 days of the show.  I am truly grateful and am encouraged to do great work this coming new year! Looking forward to Natural Realism - part 2!!  :)

Here are highlights of the Natural Realism (part one): 

 Minutes before the opening at That Spare Room.

  Some oil pieces up-close.

  Weekend visitors to the gallery

Near closing-time, people still trickle in.

  I was present 24/7 and gave private tours to my guests.

 Ciao Firenze! is my latest sketchbook journal out on sale! 

Here is the list of people that made my show a success and my stay in Singapore amazing... in fact, because of you, I'm rethinking about coming back to Singapore after my studies (not good... hahaha):

Miranda - Homestay and a whole load of other things –– you were too generous!! What were you thinking?

Rowena - Thank you for the rides, the company, the scrambling on the last day and
the work that had to be done even after my return to Italy... and many more to mention!! 

Chit Seng - For assisting me at Ikea and framing most of the art + set-up day

Pheck Choo - For your chauffeur services especially on tear-down day and 
post-show delivery services...with a smile! 

My patrons: 
• To my international group of backers who saw my vision to run a show and publish books despite 
the countless No's from at least 5 organisations/ foundations... thank you for believing in me!

• To my art collectors, thank you for purchasing my art/ prints/ books. 
This will allow me to pave way for new works!

My visitors:
• My kindergarten, primary and secondary school mates. My college schoolmate even dropped by! 

• My team mates from the years I had a lot of chlorine in my hair.

• My fellow artists - USKSG! Amazing support always from you guys! And many other art groups that popped in. It's always good to know so many like-minded people in SG.

• My new realist friends: Sara, YY and Bindi. Let's paint the town red... especially the white part of the flag.

• My former colleagues at SPH. Thank you for following my work on FB after all these years!

• My random friends from all over town that popped in to greet me. Thank you for the surprise!

To my curators Zaihan and Eve and 
Juwanda who offered me a good deal for the rental of That Spare Room.

(Have I left out anyone? Gulp!)

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