Sunday, January 18, 2015

5-day Art Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 of the Facebook 5-Day Art Challenge

Participants who are nominated are to post 3 pieces of art for 5 days; and may nominate another artist to take up the challenge. And don't forget to post the name of the artist that nominated you. 

Nominated by: 
Dawn Lo, Lim Han Seng and Vicki Sullivan

I nominate:
Ambrus Diossy

In March of 2012, I heard about Urban Sketches Singapore and thought that it'd be a great opportunity to meet  established and budding artists.  It's an international organisation that meets every end of the month in many cities around the world.  I caught the sketch bug and found myself buying lots of sketchbooks!  This was when I It's no turning back from here. :) It was during this time, I began to think that maybe there is a possibility of being a full-time artist and make a living out of it. 

Formerly called the Telok Ayer Market (1825), this market went through many architectural modifications until in 1991, when the old market reopened as Lau Pa Sat (old market) - a modern food court catering to tourists and workers in the Central Business District area. 
June 2012

ink on a sketchbook

My new sketch book: a 7-m long Wall Mural at Coleman College
Oct 2013

Watch it happen here:

What a treat! I got to sketch inside the kitchen of Il Santo Bevitore in Florence, Italy.  Serving dinner are chefs Pierluigi, Milena and Ruwan. Very organized and meticulous, easy going and cheerful they were that made this form of art seem so effortless. Via!! This sketch was used for the menu of the restaurant. 

30cm x 42cm, ink on Windsor and Newton

Sept 2014

Watch the sketch demo for this piece!!

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