Monday, May 30, 2016

Studio search

The search for an awesome studio space to paint here in Singapore continues. Yes, you may have heard that this little red dot is one of the most expensive cities to live in. I know deep down, I'm going to be able find one. And anyway, if I can't, there's always other locations to work in. 

I've used a lot of my time so far doing plein air or outdoor painting. This allows me to revisit the country like a tourist, and this may be a good thing.  I'm seeing Singapore with a new pair of glasses. Everything seems so refreshing. For example, 4 weeks back, I ventured to the Keong Siak Road for the very first time! And boy was I amazed to see all the old shop houses being conserved really well! Some are converted to boutique hotels, some into cafes. A lot of Chinese clans still occupy some of these buildings and peeking through the windows, you can tell how how some of these 1930s units have still maintained their beauty and charm. 

Here are some of the heritage buildings I've painted in the last month.

This building Ya Tong (on Keong Siak Road) used to house the famous Ya Tong coffee shop. This used to be a red light district in Singapore. 

Ya Tong coffee shop is moved to another unit down the street (No. 35, Keong Siak Road) and still serves fantastic local coffee. 

Rochor Centre - these residential units are slated to be pulled down in Sept 2016. 

St Joseph's Church on Queen Street - last I heard, they are going to try to make a basilica out of this.

On the side, I'm also trying to figure out how to get some still life pieces done. Here's my set-up of it during a session at a local foodcourt. 

Using a simple see through folder that fits my 9" x 12" panel, I clip my paper palette on one side of the folder (when opened) and voilĂ ! 

Here's sharing the demo video for this piece:

Till the next art update, ciao for now! 

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