Monday, August 22, 2016

The Other Side of St Petersburg (Part 2)

There was definitely a lot to experience during my 4 weeks in SPB! So much that I have 4 posts on it: 2 about the Repin Academy, and the other 2 about everything else outside school. :) I've tried to keep the tons of images and stories here to a minimum. 

The colourful and pretty Matryoshka dolls found all over town! 

My favourite drink from the vending machine - Kvass (KBAC)
Some people like it, some don't. Definitely an acquired taste.

More local pancakes and crepes made by my wonderful host. :)

I watched the National Armenian Symphony perform as part of the White Nights festival.

Stumbled into the Soviet Union Arcade Games Museum. This became my favourite place to drop by every weekend to sketch. 

2 floors containing about 60 over vintage arcade machines.

And then I was introduced to the Russian honey watercolours! It gorgeously flows!! 

Using my new watercolours while my friends dined... 

One of my favourite oil sketches from the trip.

The clip is a jazz cruise that I went with my classmates. 

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