Monday, December 5, 2016

Asia-link Sketchwalk 2016 - The Paintings

Last week, I had an amazing time in Bangkok with my sketch buddies. There were over 350 sketchers that attended the event so there were also so many new sketchers to meet. They come from 12 countries: China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, The Philippines, India, Singapore and the host country, Thailand. 

Kwin Krisadaphong, main organiser of festival and member of Bangkok Sketchers, reminded all of us that the event is not so much about sketching, but more the sketchers.  Indeed, I came to Bangkok with that in mind... 4 days earlier, so I can sketch before it's time to mingle with other artists.  During the time of the event, I observed other sketchers, discussed materials, found out what kind of food my friends like to eat, heard their travel stories, their art journey... network, network, network!
Definitely not enough for a 4 day event. 

The passing away of Bhumibol King Rama 9 was the main focus of the locals during my stay in Bangkok. Every local, out of respect for their father King, wore black or white. This gesture is extended to foreign visitors too, but not mandatory.  During the entire year of morning, people from all over Thailand come to Bangkok to pay their final respects to their former King. The area around the Grand Palace gets a little more congested than during other times and services like free hair cut, food and water are available for those visiting the Grand Palace. One can't help but feel the love the Thai people have for their late King. 

Here are my oil paintings during 23 Nov to Nov 28:
A section of Wat Thepthidaram

Tuk Tuk parked at Khao San Road 

Night eating of Wat Sunhat. The lights go off at 10:34pm.

El Chiringuito, near chinatown.  I love this place.

A section of the Grand Palace

A section of the Grand Palace

The last time I saw my Go Pro. :-(  But looking forward to new and exciting times!

I began this sketch and without a moment's notice, it started to pour.
Took me 5 minutes to pack and find shelter. 

Painting in the morning around the Mahakan Fort area

Golden Mount night sketch

 Demo on the last day of the event at C-Asean Center

 Q&A during the demo

Thank you, p Pratana Sangpongchawal for the photos! 

See my ink and watercolour sketches of Bangkok here: 

And finally, as always, I end with a video. Enjoy this timpelapse of 
one of my favourite pieces from the trip:

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