Monday, June 10, 2013

Nearing the End

It's been nearly 10 weeks and boy did time whizz by so fast! A couple of days more and we break for summer. Some of us will be travelling back home, whereas the rest of us will be spending time either hanging out here in Florence or travelling around the region. Since I just got here only 2 and a half months back, I'll be staying here for the summer, and will finally get to sketch quite a lot more! :)

Here's a snapshot of some of the skills I picked up this first quarter at Angel Academy.

Learning how to construct the human anatomy using the comparative technique.

Let's throw in a sitting pose and a chair to make things a little more complex. 

 A focus on shadow shapes.

The introduction of Big Form Modelling.

... and taking an image to as best a render as possible.

It's amazing what I've picked up in 10 weeks! And this is a reminder to me that given any situation, I'd rather be taught then be self-taught. Actually, I don't believe in this term, "self-taught".  Be it in music, business, sports, etc, if one seeks knowledge from either Youtube, Google, or even by casually asking a friend for tips and advice, isn't the internet already one's teacher? And if one claims to be self-taught, chances are that person i not diving deep enough into the subject. Food for thought.

Looking forward to the coming summer!!!

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