Friday, June 28, 2013

Travelling Toscano: Montepescali

I just got back from a week out of Florence. The first place I went to is Montepascali, a region in Tuscany.  Just so that you are not confused, I'll focus on the first half of my journey to Montepescali about 150km southwest of Florence. 

About 222m above sea level, this town built in the middle ages has a scenic panorama of the coastal strip! I was invited by a friend to stay over the weekend and explore this little town with a population of about 22o. 

For me, it was a pleasant getaway from the city-life + school. There are probably hundreds of such towns here in Italy, so looking forward to visiting them. :)

What a sight from the piazza just below the Church of Ss. Stefano and Lorenzo!

Church of Ss. Stefano and Lorenzo

Picturesque views from all the way up here!

Decorations for a wedding celebration were being put up at S. Nicolo.

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