Friday, July 25, 2014

Rolling with the Punches

So now that summer's running full steam ahead, I'm out there in the open with no classes to attend,  no studio sessions to go to, no official super long projects to complete, no models to draw, no models to draw and no models to draw (I know I mentioned it three times!)... I can lose sight of my navigation at times especially when the year has ended. But life will always be filled with surprises, and all it takes is a little adaptation to turn regular everyday mundane situation and turn it into opportunity.  

European Boxing Union welterweight reigning champion Leonard Bundu is training in town because his coach and mentor, Boncinelli, lives here in Florence.  The match will be in London come August 1st.  This reminds me of two things: Chlorine and the Rocky movie series we used to watch at Tae-Kwon-Do camps!! (Wait! Why do I hear John Cafferty's Hearts on Fire? )

It's great seeing people passionate about their thing in life! But enough of reminiscing the past, here are the short poses that I did. You only live once.  Make it awesome!  To Leonard... in boca al lupo!! 

Coach Boncinelli (right) and Leonard before the training begins

 It took a while before I got used to the speed 

Short poses #1 (graphite, full pad)

 Short poses #2 (graphite, full pad)

 Short poses #3 (graphite, full pad)

Short poses #4 (graphite, full pad)

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