Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#sabf2016 - the aftermath

The Singapore Art Book Fair 2016 (#sabf2016) came and went. It was a great experience for me selling my wares to the open public. And I picked up quite a bit during the 4 fair days on what kind of products to sell next year! ;)

The location, Art Science Museum, was great. It brought in quite a lot of traffic especially on the opening night, Saturday night and Sunday. The organisers, BooksActually, were amazing. They made the administrative part so easy to handle, all one had to do was focus on the selling. 

Thank you organisers and supporters!! I am tremendously grateful for your support! 
I can continue making more art. 

Opening Preview Night - 14 April

Welcome to Booth 31. This booth I made mimics the souvenir stands I saw while on the Camino. 

Down on my list of things, I had books, original art and prints for sale! 

There were many young visitors to my booth. All of them had fun with the stamps.

Many visitors stopped by my booth, among them are Kenny Leck of BooksActually and Chef AndrĂ© Chiang.

I stole a couple of hours before the fair began on Sat and Sun to work on this. :) 

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