Thursday, April 7, 2016

Singapore Art Book Fair 2016

I am back the Little Red Dot early this year for the 3rd edition of the Singapore Art Book Fair.  In my last 2 solo art exhibitions, I've pre launched books and prints as part of the show, but nothing to this extent. Books and prints take the centre stage this time around. So that's why I am thrilled to be on the list of exhibitors this year. The crowd is going to be really good because of the location of the show - the Art Science Museum. 

Science Art Museum at the Marina Bay
Pencil + Watercolour on Watercolour Paper

Three of my books will be on sale there. They are: 
Thirty Days on the Camino, Ciao Firenze! and Figuring Out.

Along with the books, I am also selling original art, limited edition prints, post cards and bookmarks. How can I not have bookmarks at a book fair? ;p Original sketches from the Camino and Florence and my figurative work in oil will be on sale.  I'm leaving no stone unturned. There will be something for everyone. Choose original art and prints, and support your local artists. :) 

Be sure to say "hi!" at my booth. It's going to have the look and feel of a souvenir shop vendor at Santiago de Compostela - the end point of my trek in northern Spain.  Here is the work in progress for the diorama and props that I am making for the show. 


Freebies: For those who come to visit my booth, I will be handing out mini art cards and of course I will have stamps for you to chop away and take home with you. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the show. 

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