Monday, September 29, 2014

Arno River Plein Air

A fellow artist and great friend of mine pointed me to a location south east of the Arno river about a 15 minute bike ride from my place. Not too far at all if you ask me. 

Over the locked gate I climb and down to the banks of the Arno is where I set up my station. Near this spot is a mini dam that cuts across the river diagonally. Across from me is a semi grassy patch where people come to get a tan or have a picnic if they so wish.  I've got my brushes and paints ready, coupled with the calming sound of the made made mini waterfall in front of me and the breezy autumn sun behind my back, I begin this plein air session...

Rough sketch on the 30cm x 40cm wood panel with some raw umber. 

Next, I plant in the local colours in its right value. 

 Orange-brown pigments are added next on the roofs of this privately owned estate. I continue to chisel more into the shapes.

Finally, I add little scrubs of paint here and there for effects like windows, water reflections, people, etc... and focus on edge quality. 

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