Friday, September 19, 2014

Be Our Guest!

I had an incredible summer here in Florence! :) 

It has come to a close. The freak hail storm this afternoon that made Florence look like it just snowed was the unofficial MET announcement saying, "It's Autumn!" There'll be fewer of my outdoor ink sketch postings. But I will continue to put work out from the studio. So stay tune for that as you follow me here and on my Facebook Art Page

8 pieces of my ink sketches were selected for the new menu covers at Il Santo Bevitore Restaurant in Florence. Formerly a horse carriage stop, it evolved into a motorcar garage and finally, a restaurant. 6 of the menus feature the behind the scenes in the restaurant, from main kitchen to dessert kitchen to private dinning area, not to mention also, the aperitif bar, Santino, two shops down. The other two are market scenes from my collection of Firenze sketches from 2014

 Main dining hall of Il Santo Bevitore. Incidentally, I took a really long time for this sketch... approximately 2.5 hours that came with 2 servings and a dessert. :)

 Main kitchen of Il Santo Bevitore

Mauro Frutta, Via dè Cerchi 16R 

Dessert Menu featuring dessert kitchen of Il Santo Bevitore 

 I was also able to design the layout for these menu covers
to ensure what needs to be shown will be shown. :)

Menu featuring Santino 

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