Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Time-Lapse: Food Truck

Lampredottaro Food Truck
30cm x 42cm, Ink on Winsor and Newton Paper

Ciao people!! Some requests have been made for me to include videos to show my ink sketch process while on the streets.  I thought about it carefully and decided that the best way to produce a video that doesn't put one to sleep is by pumping up the speed of the clip and adding a neat audio track.  I've also created an account on Gum Road for this very purpose. So click on the link below for the video:

Instructions for those using Gum Road for the first time:
(This Food Truck video is free for now!!)

1. Click on "I Want This"

2. Enter "0" for € is unless you are feeling generous :)

3. And then key in your email address.
(You should immediately see a "play" button.)

Do send me feedback about using this platform. If you know of friends that might enjoy this, please forward them this blog page or Gum Road link.  Thank you and enjoy the clip! More to flow... if this is popular.  :)

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